Refugee Boy Caught On Camera Allegedly Abusing Girl (Video)

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A video allegedly showing a young migrant boy sexually abusing a girl has gone viral (video below).

In the clip, the boy can be seen laying on top of the young white girl — at first, seemingly innocently. The footage appears to take a dark turn as the boy begins to force himself on the girl. He presses his body against her and moves his hand down towards her waist before the girl tries to stop him. He then appears to put his hands on her throat.

The clip quickly went viral, with many pointing out the disturbing act taking place.

“One child is grabbing the other by the neck and keeping her pinned to the ground in a clear attempt to keep here there and is fidgeting with his waist and hers….I’m not the ‘right wing’ monster you are afraid of I am using my eyes and common sense,” one viewer commented, Mad World News reported.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place in France, quickly sparked controversy on social media.

“Sick! Shame on the person taking the VIDEO!!! You should have stopped it!! I would have whipped he’s A**!!! Because parents today are not PARENTS!! They just let the kids run the house,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Seriously, once that ‘boy’ committs an act like that, he is (in a sense) thrust into adulthood, and, should be tried as one. And that goes for his “parents” as well. And before some s**t stain claims that ‘he’s just a child’,…or, ‘boys will be boys’, would you feel and say that if that ‘boy’ did that to your daughter?” another wrote.

“How do we know this little girl isn’t a kidnapping victim that was placed their by the peace of s**t who was taking the video. You never discipline someone else’s child but in this case I would of slapped the s**t out of this little boy and put the fear of god into him. Hoping of course that it would cause the a*****e recording to come forward so I could then beat the s**t out of him,” another added.

Some questioned where the boy learned such disturbing behavior.

“This is obviously learned behavior, he saw this somewhere. Could have been his own parents. I doubt children have this process of ‘wow let me rape today’. I agree, poor little girl, but did anybody stop this? Why was this allowed to be continued?” one viewer questioned in a comment on the YouTube video.


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