Muslim Immigrant’s Son Caught Handing Out $100 Bills at School — Then Cops Discovered This…

Texas authorities recently made a massive drug bust in Sugarland, TX, just outside of Houston.

Over a dozen Muslims have been sentenced following an April 2016 arrest sweep. They had been apprehended for carrying out a drug ring operation that could be depicted in a new Al Jazeera show called ‘Breaking Jalala-bad’.Creeping Sharia has the story, taken from the San Antonio News, that Texas police have arrested 48 year-old Muhammad Shariq Siddiqi after learning that he was a major Kush manufacturer providing synthetic cannabinoids to Houston dealers and possibly sending millions of dollars in profits back to Pakistan.

Shariq ‘Sneaky’ Siddiqi was outed by, of all people, one of his seven sons, who raised suspicion when he began handing out $20 and $100 bills at his school.

Police moved quickly to arrest the elder Siddiqi and thirteen others that include:

Salem Fahed Tannous, Omar Maher Al Nasser, Ali Shaker Tafesh, Khalil Munier Khalil, Nagy Mahmoud Ali, Mohammed Rafat Taha, 27, Steve Shafiq Amira, Ayisha Khurram, Sayed Ali, Abdalnour Izz, 31, Hazim Hisham Qadus, Khader Fahed Tanous,  and, strangely, Frank Muratalla.

Al Nasser, a finance professor at the University of Houston-Victoria, was the first to talk to police, reports the San Antonio News. In exchange for his cooperation, he will spend only a year in prison for operating an illicit business and sending $200,000 to Jordan.

The others might not be so lucky.

Siddiqi, like his small screen doppleganger Walter White, was making so much money so quickly, that he laundered the illicit gains by buying “three gas stations, two smoke shops, multiple cars… and six new properties worth $3 million in a two-year span. When federal drug agents searched his house, they found $700,000 in cash and checks.”

The windfall was all due to the sale of ‘Kush’, the cannabinoid named after the Hindu-Kush region in Afghanistan where 90 percent of the opioids come from. It is a cheap and very addictive product resembling “a leafy substance that’s soaked in a chemical mixture that mimics the effect of marijuana.” In this case, Siddiqi used cement mixers to turn out the debilitating drug.

In the beginning of the Creeping Sharia article, the author asks some poignant questions: Were they all Muslim immigrants? Refugees? Were they all sending money back home to Jordan and other jihad hotspots? Is your neighborhood convenience store or gas station doing the same?

Stay vigilant, America!

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