BREAKING: He Just Called For Trump’s Life And Proved He’s Prepared To Kill Him – Won’t Stop! [VIDEO]

The situation in our country has gotten extremely heated after President Trump publicly announced that he intends to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. In fact, numerous Muslims across the U.S. issued several violent threats aimed at the Trump administration.

And it seems that they were not bluffing. Just a day after the Muslim Brotherhood declared a war on our country, a radical Muslim set off a bomb in New York City, detonating a homemade pipe that was reportedly attached to his own body with velcro and zip ties.

Now, it seems that these Islam-practicing psychopaths claim that they have aimed their focus at President Trump.

Thanks to former President Barack Obama and his Islam-worshiping methods, The Muslim Brotherhood has been able to secretly blend into our society and has stayed hidden among us for almost 30 years now. As a result, they have caused numerous terrorist attacks and have also been engaging in various violent rallies, protests, and so on.

Unfortunately, their violent ways are still alive today. Over the weekend, hundreds of Muslims gathered together on the streets of New York City chanting that the “Army of Mohammad would be “returning.”

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