Bernie Sanders Says GOP Tax Cuts Should Be Permanent, So Ted Cruz Invites Him to Co-Sponsor New Legislation

After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, and despite many calling it a tax cut only to the rich, it was shown that almost 90 percentof Americans would be getting their taxes reduced.

One of the leading opponents in the Senate to the then-bill, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) later admitted the tax cuts were a good thing.

“Yeah, it is a very good thing,” Sanders said.

He added, however, the law doesn’t go far enough since the tax cuts to the middle class are only temporary. Sanders’s comments came after numerous companies announced they will be using the extra money to raise wages or give larger year-end bonuses.

In response, Sen, Ted Cruz (R-TX) replied to Sanders via Twitter and offered to work with him to make the tax cuts to the middle class permanent:

The reason why the tax cuts are not permanent was because Republicans could not get enough Democrats to reach 60 votes in order to avoid the reconciliation process.

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